Kerboros is an authentification mechanism to encrypt sensible data. It has been developed from the US-american Ivy League university MIT and comprises a symmetrical and afterwards an asymmetrical procedure of encrypting data.

Kernel Vitual Machine (KVM)

The abbreviation KVM stands for “Kernel Vitual Machine” and names an open-source hypervisor for Linux operating systems.


Keyloggers comprise hardware and software used by hackers to record keyboard entries. They notelessly record keyboard entries to transfer them to the attacker. From these transfers, he may filter the important data (registry information or credit card numbers).

Know Your Customer (KYC)

The term “Know Your Customer” (KYC) has its origin in the fight against money laundering. KYC includes various legal regulations for the legitimation and identification of customers. For banking institutions, there are strict rules, for service provider,...

KRITIS Implementation Plan

The implementation plan according to KRITIS (UP KRITIS) is a result from the “National Plan for Information Infrastructure Protection” (German abbreviation: NPSI) published by the German Ministry of the Interior in 2005. It is an initiative for protecting...