A Local Area Network (LAN) is a contained local network. For its operation, several components are needed e.g. a network adaptors, switches or routers. The mainly used network technics is the ethernet in which data are transferred with a speed of 40 gigabit per...

Large-scale Emergencies

Large-scale emergencies forego a disaster. They cause substantial material damages and/or are accompanied by a considerable amount of victims respectively people concerned.


In networks, the latency measures the interval that a data package needs to get from the sender to the receiver through all stages (hubs and switches). Generally speaking, the latency corresponds to half of the ping-time (which not only measures the way to get there...

Latency Time

The latency time relates to the interval between the end of an incident and the start of the reaction to that incident.

Lean Startup

A lean startup is a young company structuring its business processes as lean as possible. Lean startups are designed to market the company or a product with as little allocation of resources as possible.

Leckage Warning Systems

Leakage warning systems belong to the alarm system and are used to monitor liquids of leading systems to detect leaks as soon as possible. They consist of at least on detector and a display unit.

Letter of Intent

The letter of intend is a declaration e.g. for the purchase or the sell-off of company shares. It includes all major points that are later stipulated in a contract.

Level of Qualification

In IT-baseline protection, three levels of qualification are mentioned: “A” for the entry level, “B” for the development phase and “C” for the ISO 27001-certificate in line with the IT-baseline protection. With a “Z”,...


A liability includes the security target authensity and non-repudiation. Linked to the information transfer, it means that the information source must prove its identity, the receipt cannot be denied.

Linked Clone

A linked clone is a copy of a virtual machine that shares the virtual hard disks with its parent virtual machine.