Mac is an abbreviation for Macintosh and is a desktop computer produced by the US-american IT-giant Apple Inc.

Machine Learning

The machine-learning-concept describes a end-to-end-workflow dealing with the design, processing, optimization and publication of prediction models. With these complex sets of data, prognoses may be taken.

Machine-generated Data

Machine-generated data include data automatically produced by a computer, an application or a technical source.


The maintenance includes all technical measures to retain and/or restore the nominal condition respectively for the determination and assessment of the current condition. To achieve and to protect the highest possible degree of availability for a system, maintenance...


In line with DIN and/or GEFMA (German association for facility management), the maintenance encompasses all operational measures to delay the reduction of the existing wear margins. It is part of maintenance. Examples: purification, replacement of consumables such as...

Major Disaster

Major disasters are the consequence of a large-scale emergency and describe the resulting situation.

Male and Female Assistants

Assistants are a certain group of persons becoming involved in civil protection either full-time, on voluntary basis or due to statutory provisions.


A malfunctioning describes that the defined deviation from the nominal condition is either exceeded or falling short so that the system does no longer work properly.

Malicious Functions

Malicious functions are unwanted functions with the help of which information security can be controlled either intentionally or unconsciously.


Malware is an artificial word combining the prefix of “malicious” and the suffix of “software”. In Germany, the terms “malicious function” and “malware” are synonyms. Malware is software that executes unwanted, mostly...