n+1 Redundancy

A “n+1-redundancy” describes the equipment of Data Centres with “superfluous” equipment. The letter “n” stands for the units guaranteering the normal operation, “+1” is an additonal element which is redundant. Thus, the...

Natural Disaster

A natural disaster is an exceptional natural phenomenon creating damages and that cannot be mastered with the means of day-to-day hazard prevention.

Near Field Communications (NFC)

“Near Field Communications” (NFC) relates to direct communications in close physical proximity. This technical method can be used for credit cards and smartphones. Example: a retailer holds his mobile to the credit card of his customer, it reads out the...

NetApp Altavault

NetApp® AltaVault® cloud-integrated storage applications are designed by the US-american IT-provider NetApp. It enables customers to securely backup data to any cloud. Compared to inhouse solutions, a backup can be performed at up to 90% lower costs. AltaVault®...

NetApp Backup as a Service Initiative

With its certified solution for Backup as a Service (BaaS), the company breaks new ground. With NetApp SteelStore, a new, innovative technology had been integrated, the service network had been extended in Germany. Clients receive only one service with the help of...

NetApp Cloud ONTAP

NetApp ONTAP Cloud for Amazon Web Servcies and Windows Azure is a software-only storage service. It offers a superior data management for business continuity, cloud applications and DevOps. This hybrid approach means that your IT, Development and Operations teams can...

NetApp E-Series

For more than 30 years, the NetApp E-series successfully operates on the market of SAN-storage-segment. Up to today, millions of systems have been sold, 350,000 since eSeries became a part of the NetApp-portfolio in 2011. NetApp ensures a made-to-last architecture and...

NetApp FAS

NetApp FAS is the product name of a universal storage system based on the data management software ONTAP designed by the US-american storage producer NetApp.

NetApp Ontap

NetApp ONTAP is a data management system designed by NetApp. Currently, NetApp ONTAP 9 is the most instantaneous which permits the data management across flash, cloud and hard disk.

NetApp SnapMirror

The NetApp SnapMirror is an efficient solution for reusing data as well as an optimised backup designed by the US-american software provider NetApp. It ensures a uniform data replication.