Rack Scale Flash Platforms

“Rack scale flash platforms” are high-performance platforms geared to the constantly increasing memory requirement and a maximum efficiency. Rack scale flash platforms see to an extremely high company agility and offer perfect insights. It combines the...

RAID Double Parity

RAID-DP stands for “RAID Double Parity”. It is an ONTAP software function introduced by the storage provider NetApp. It protects the stored data against a double hard disk failure without limiting the performance.

Raised Floor

The raised floor is a system design with an elevated base construction. It consists of industrially produced modules, mainly panels and columns. The panels are composed of highly-compacted MDF or anhydrid (incombastible), they are placed on the raised floor made of...

Raised Floor Management

The raised floor management is responsible for the coordination of the installation of hardware, e.g. the hot aisle/cold aisle arrangement, the regulation of the air volumes in the cold aisles as well as the control of the floor opening. It shall stabilise the...

Recirculating Air-cooling Unit

Recirculating air-cooling units chill the room air to the desired temperature. By ventilation intake of the warm room air which is later ducted through a heat exchanger and afterwards lead back into the room by the blow-out area.

Recommendation Engine

A recommendation engine is a software programme that finds out which products or services are of interest to the customer by analysing incoming online orders. Based on an algorithm, similar and/or supplementary products or services are offered soon.

Recooling Plants

Recooling plants are technical facilities for refrigeration. In their core, they work like heat exchangers for water, water glycol, hot gases or similar. Computer centres mainly employ dry coolers, water coolers or hyprid coolers (water/air).

Recovery Plan

Recovery plans are mainly authored by the availability management responsible for the availability of computer systems and the service continuity management. They include a specific package of measures used to restore particular systems and/or services after their...

Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)

The recovery point objective (RPO) refers to the restart time after the failure of an IT-infrastructure or a IT-system. If the backup data can be retrieved directly, the RPO is comparatively short. It will be prolonged, however, if several media are used as backup. As...

Recovery Sites

A recovery site (RS) is a Data Centre that contains virtual machines and applications that continue to operate if the protected site is unavailable. RS supports critical business needs.