S3 is an abbreviation “Simple Storage Service”. It is a filehosting-service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It is accessed via http or https. The data are stored as objects, the storage resources are named “buckets”. With regard to its...


Scalability is the ability of a process, a system or framework to handle growing workloads. They are able to scale on demand – one of the biggest advantages of cloud computing.


Scalable is a verbal expression for scalability and means a step-by-step adaption to demand.


A scenario describes the acceptance of possible incidents respectively the succession of incidents as well as their influence on protected goods.

Screen Scraping

The screen scraping is a method for extracting and evaluation of data material displayed on a computer screen. It is used to display the data on another screen. Screen scraping is often used by FinTechs that offer banking apps. Thus, they may display the account...


As search means a full-text search including linked search functions and analyses.


The differenciation and classification of KRITIS-sectors in different segments.


In IT baseline protection, a sector names a defined area within critical infrastructures.

Secure Element

A secure element is a physical security module of a SIM-card or – if necessary – for smart phones. It is responsible for the encryption and “tokenisation” (transfer into tokens) for mobile payment and offers a larger degree of security. To...

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is the predecessor version of TSL (Transport Layer Security). This is a hyprid encryption protocol that contributes to more security for the data transfer in the internet. From version 3.0 on, it is called TSL.