Warning of the Population

The warning of the population includes all measures taken to inform the population about impending dangers or acute damaging events. Mainly, the warning of the population includes the request to take self-contained action. According to §1, paragraph 2, number 2 ZSKG...

Water Security

The water security includes all measures taken for the sustenance and/or protection of the civilian population and the army (in state of defence), to meet the vital needs of drinking and process water, extinguishing water, the discharge and processing of the sewage...

Web Applications

Web applications belong to a completely managed web infrastructure that includes both the necessary server instances and the functions connected to it (security, management, stability and storage capacity).

Web Money

Web money is a web-based payment system that allows for an immediate, secure and international payment.


The term WebFakes is a combination of “web” and “fakes”. WebFakes create complete fake pages of the target entity’s webpage.


WLANs (Wireless LANs) are wireless networks based on the IEEE 802.11-standard.


The term “electric work” defines the transmission of electric energy into another form of energy such as heat. This term is originated in physics and is measured in “W” (watt-second), the electricity denomination is displayed in the entity...


In computing, worms are malware that reproduces itself (similar to a virus) and spreads itself through communications interfaces.