Disaster Recovery from DARZ

  • Advantages at a Glance:
  • Clearly defined scope of services with fixed prices; main share of the costs arises only in the case of disaster
  • Highest availability and short replication intervals
  • Linearly scalable to fit any needs
  • Easy and reliable system restart
  • Optional restoration of servers in the public cloud to save deployment costs

Today, business models and business processes are increasingly IT-based. Companies can benefit from the increased efficiency, cost savings and ability to generate data-driven innovations that come as a part of this. The flipside of the coin, however, is that the temporary breakdown or the destruction of the IT infrastructure immediately leads to the end of the production and sales process for products and services. Without a countermove, your business may be at an end. DARZ provides you with a modular service module for disaster recovery as a service, which protects you from the effects of the short-, medium- and long-term failure of your primary IT. This concept can be easily combined with other Data Centric Services from DARZ and can easily be adapted to your business continuity management.

Disaster Recovery – An Integrated

Disaster Recovery as a service (DRaaS) provides the assurance of IT-based business processes based on a regular backup in combination with providing a platform for virtual servers (infrastructure as a service). In this context, disaster recovery from DARZ secures the IT-based business processes against data loss and non-availability in the event of a disaster. Numerous different risks threaten the IT of a company.

Possible Disaster Recovery Scenarios

  • System failures due to natural catastrophes
  • Failure of individual systems due to technical deficiencies or power failure
  • Damage caused by fire or water
  • Malfunctions caused by user misconduct or sabotage
  • Cybercrime such as denial-of-service attacks or data encryption by Trojans.

Disaster recovery as a service provides the cost-effective alternative to completely duplicating the entire IT landscape in a data center, which is often too expensive and complicated. Due to its high flexibility, scalability and the use of the hybrid model, the DARZ disaster recovery solution is specifically tailored to the requirements of medium-sized businesses and large companies. It is cost-efficient and safe.

Fast and Reliable Recovery

In an emergency, it is possible to quickly restore the affected systems simply and reliably. Compared to dedicated IT resources in special data centers, significant cost savings can be realized. The reduced costs lead to a high valuation from managing direction for accepting to secure the IT environment.

Main Components of Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster recovery as a service is composed of the following main components. Storage as a service or backup as a service from DARZ is required as a basis to use the service. If the data is available on the storage system provided by DARZ, DARZ can offer the following disaster recovery as a service variants:

  • 1. Private DedicatedDARZ hosts a dedicated VMware or Hyper-V infrastructure including SLA. In the event of disaster, the customer can use the respective resources independently or together with DARZ to restore infrastructure with the available data as soon as possible. The customer can get full access to its private, dedicated environment (management/administrative).
  • 2. Private SharedDARZ hosts a shared VMware infrastructure with sufficient resources for the customer in case of disaster. A VM and storage resource set is defined and reserved for the customer, including SLA. The customer is granted access to various management interfaces with restricted rights.
  • 3. HyperscalerThe customer uses the capacity of the hyperscaler(s) at will. Hyperscaler connectivity must be permanently implemented and configured. There is no SLA agreement on the part of the hyperscaler. The associated costs for the computer resources arise only when the hyperscalers are used as part of tests or disaster situations.

The three main components of disaster recovery as a service can be easily combined. For example, it is possible to operate in colocation with your own IT infrastructure and to integrate it into the concept. Emergency workplaces are also available at DARZ, so that you can establish complete business continuity management.

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