Managed Load Balancer from DARZ

  • Advantages at a Glance
  • Accelerated
  • Highly reliability
  • More efficient access to resources
  • Dedicated solution with the possibility of personal configurations
  • Shared solution to which DARZ alone sets settings

The Managed Load Balancer enables the operation of digital services and offers users an optimal service experience.

DARZ’s Managed Load Balancer service provides secure, reliable, and high-performance deployment of business-critical applications and content, especially in environments with high throughput and performance requirements. With load balancing from DARZ, you can set up a load distribution on two or more servers. This allows you to route incoming and outgoing network traffic through the DARZ load balancer. It distributes traffic according to weight to the server participating in load balancing.

Service Detail Information

In addition to maximizing throughput while minimizing server load, the load balancer from DARZ makes user access to virtualized servers and applications more flexible.

Dedicated (Static) IP address

Each load balancer receives a dedicated static IP address that can be shared with other load balancers in a single account. The IP addresses are fixed and do not change while a load balancer is active.

SSL Termination

The computer-intensive public-key encryption and decryption is transferred from the application servers to the load balancer. HTTP and HTTPS are used for forwarding for secure transactions between load balancers and clients.

Multiple Logs

DARZ supports a variety of load balancing protocols for internal and public interfaces, including HTTP, HTTPS, LDAP, LDAP, IMAP, FTP, POP3, POP3S, SMTP, TCP, TCP First, UDP, SFTP and MySQL.

Extended Access Control

Authorizations and access controls can be managed quickly and easily by the client.

Logging Connections

Simplified log management is offered through Apache-style access logs (for HTTP-based protocol traffic) or connection and transmission logging (for the rest of the traffic). Log data is automatically sorted and aggregated. The result is transferred to the client’s cloud files account. This allows access to the customer’s raw data at any time to improve performance or perform Web analytics.

Advanced Routing Algorithms

Cloud load balancers optimally forward data traffic for your application to the backend nodes. DARZ supports the modes Round Robin, Weighted Round Robin, Least Connections, Weighted Least Connections and Random.

Persistent Sessions

Future requests are forwarded to the same node in the customer’s load balancing pool. This function can be activated for all protocols.

Connection Throttling

You can define your own upper limits for the number of connections per IP address to limit malicious or excessive traffic to the application or website.

Primary/Secondary Node Management

This feature prevents failures by seamlessly routing traffic to the secondary node when a problem occurs in the primary node.

High Availability

Load balancers have a built-in high-availability feature. A single load balancer offers high availability without additional costs.

Integrity Checks

DARZ checks HTTP response codes and text content with synthetic transaction monitoring to check the workload for correctness.

Caching Content

Improves website performance by caching recently retrieved data.

High Throughput

Each load balancer host computer has a high-availability network throughput of 20Gbit/s.


The cloud load balancer API is a RESTful web service interface that can be used to customize and automate load balancer management.

Simplified Task Management

Tasks such as creating and removing load balancers or adding and deleting servers in a pool can be simplified.

Token-based Authentication

Enables seamless access between products and services.

Persistent Connections

Reduces processor and memory load and network congestion by receiving and sending multiple requests over a single connection.

Supporting SSL Termination

Improves the performance of high-volume SSL traffic using SSL termination in the load balancer.
DARZ provides the load balancer Traffic Manager Advanced from Brocade (formerly Riverbed). It can be dedicated or shared, with or without managed service. You decide!

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