Managed OS from DARZ

Provision, operation and management of operating systems places high demands on the resources of IT departments. A large number of employees is concerned with tasks that are necessary, but do not bring the company forward with regard to growth and innovation. This can be changed using a service to manage operating systems by DARZ. This can easily be combined with other services such as license management and Monitoring-as-a-Service.

Operating System Management: What It Entails

With Managed OS, DARZ takes over the licensing, management and maintenance of your Windows or Linux operating system. It includes services for the operation of virtual servers as well as the operating systems installed on them such as Unix/Linux derivatives and Windows. The focus is on the following tasks, which are performed by experienced employees – if needed, 24x7, 365:

  • Licensing Microsoft products according to SPLA
  • Implementation of installations and upgrades (patch management)
  • Configuration, setup and script management
  • Identifying and analyzing operating system malfunctions and resolving them
  • Performance monitoring
  • Security management and auditing
  • Disaster recovery for operating systems
  • Maintaining system documentation

Relief from routine tasks

With the support of Managed OS from DARZ, servers are used from the “top edge” of the operating system, and your IT professionals are relieved of routine tasks that are not related to your core business. At the same time, they are provided with the best possible server resources at all times. All tasks for the maintenance of the servers are taken over by DARZ without burdening your resources.

Overview Managed OS

We perform the operation and monitoring of Windows or Linux operating systems. However, applications are excluded. Applications can be monitored through DARZ’s Monitoring-as-a-Service and appropriate contact persons can be informed.
Our experts execute usual administrative tasks, including current patches, server updates, new antivirus tools, and regulatory requirements. DARZ monitors the operating system 24x7. Within the framework of operating system management, DARZ installs Windows updates once a month in coordination with the customer and maintains the antivirus application. In the event of a problem, we fix the situation (bluescreen, level of the disk volume, etc.). After restoring the proper function of the operating system, you will be informed immediately so that you can administer any necessary applications.

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