Monitoring-as-a-Service from DARZ

It is now known that IT-driven processes contribute to massive efficiency gains and thus to growth for companies. However, the prerequisite is that the IT infrastructure and all connected applications are online and high-performance. If individual systems fail or show below-average performance, most of the IT ecosystem is affected. It is therefore all the more important to keep an eye on all relevant performance indicators and to react quickly to lower performance. This requires high resource usage – unless you rely on a service like Monitoring-as-a-Service from DARZ. Monitoring and alerting is particularly important as part of business continuity management. The timely detection of incidents and their notification to the service desk enables the high quality and availability of your IT services. Monitoring-as-a-Service is a defined process for the recording, alarming and assessment of incidents.

Constant Visibility with Systematic Monitoring

Monitoring-as-a-Service gives you a complete overview of the quality of the services from DARZ. The availability of proprietary systems and applications as well as the utilization of resources can also be easily tested. Data is available to you for internal and external audits, and also used for planning purposes for future adjustments. Monitoring allows you to check the availability of your IT services. DARZ provides a variety of monitoring sources, including ICMP Pings, event log monitoring and HTTP queries. A wide range of data sources can be mapped for monitoring, from simple tests of availability to complex checks of web pages and applications.

Continuous Monitoring and Evaluation-as-a-Service

Monitoring of measured values such as temperature can be underscored by thresholds and monitored for overshoot. If the threshold is exceeded for a certain period of time, an automated message chain can be triggered. The messages are transmitted electronically via e-mail, SMS or as an SNMP trap and displayed on a web page. We are also pleased to provide you with an interface to a ticket system.

Monitoring Services are Defined Together with You:

  • Parameters/Measurements for monitoring
  • Measurement method for recording parameters
  • Thresholds for the alarm
  • Action chain when thresholds are exceeded

MaaS – Case Studies

  • Data Centric Service Managed OS users want to monitor application levels and, in the event of alarms, send a message to their employees.
  • Users would like to monitor web pages via a monitoring system and send alarms to personnel in the event of an error.
  • Users would like to simulate external logins on their websites using content queries. In the event of an error, personnel should receive a message (alarm).
  • Users and DARZ define the types of sensors and necessary actions when thresholds are exceeded.

In addition to monitoring with our own systems from DARZ and alerting our customers through various methods, or our 24x7 operations center, we have a partnership with Uptrends. This allows us to review features from over 150 locations worldwide in parallel service. Uptrends is specialized in cloud-based website performance and network monitoring.

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