Connectivity-as-a-Service from DARZ

  • Advantages of DARZ Connectivity-as-a-Service
  • Fast deployment without high investment costs
  • Highly flexible and scalable connection to different providers
  • Reduction of complexity in the procurement and administration of communication links
  • Minimum latency
  • No jump fix costs
  • No operating and/or maintenance requirements
  • Choice of the medium fiber optics, wavelength, fiber channel or Ethernet
  • Bandwidth of the IP service freely selectable from 1Gbits/s to 100Gbits/s
  • Fully redundant connection (routes and equipment)

In times of IT-driven and data-driven business models, the ability of companies to spread their information around the world is critical to business. Increasingly, products and services are being digitized, so the flexibility and scalability of your business idea is dependent on how efficiently and favorably data can be distributed. It does not help you if your data is perfectly stored, analyzed and processed, but never reaches addressees because the connection is not sufficient. With DARZ, you have a partner at your side who is optimally familiar with Data Centric Services, and is able to provide them thanks to its modular product portfolio with exactly the connectivity offer that fits perfectly for you at that moment. Our Connectivity-as-a-Service offering is also performed by us with the involvement of our partners and is therefore available globally.

Maximum Connectivity with Fiber Optics

For each data center service commissioned for more than one location, Connectivity-as-a-Service must be booked separately. Fiber optic connection can take place directly through DARZ or the existing fiber optic provider (carrier-neutral). DARZ supports you in the selection and design of the solution. In addition, we offer connectivity between the data center location of DARZ and various data centers worldwide via our own fiber optic / dark fiber infrastructure and Ethernet switches.

High Bandwidth, Maximum Power

Connectivity-as-a-Service enables the fast, flexible and cost-effective deployment of any bandwidth up to 100Gbits/sec. DARZ operates a dedicated, fully redundant, crossover-free fiber optic / dark fiber ring between its data center partners in Frankfurt and its location in Darmstadt. The management of connectivity is entirely up to us and allows for a high level of data protection and integrity. Connectivity-as-a-Service is the basis for many more Data Centric Services such as Dual Data Center, Hyperscaler Hub, Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service and others.
Connectivity-as-a-Service allows you to quickly and seamlessly implement IT services deployed in geographically dispersed data centers.

The following variants are available:

1. Own fiber optic cable from a carrier.

2. You can order fiber optic cables between locations from a carrier or via DARZ as a general contractor.

3. Use of wavelength(s) on DWDM equipment from DARZ:
You can get one or more wavelengths defined by DARZ. You can use it freely and operate it all from 1Gbit/s to 100Gbits/s or Ethernet or Fiber Channel. The DWDM equipment (manufacturer: ADVA) and the fiber optic ring from DARZ are fully redundant (both ways and equipment) and are built without crossings. You can decide whether 1 or 2 (redundant) distances should be provided by wavelength.

4. Ethernet connections
The highest managed type of link between locations is a fully-realized Ethernet connection. To achieve it, the customer’s switch equipment is connected to DARZ’s switch equipment. We provide connections between locations from DARZ in 1Gbit/s steps up to 10Gbits/s and then in 10Gbits/s steps up to 100 Gbit/s. We will offer you the required VLAN after consultation. Ethernet connections are always path and equipment redundant.

5. Cross Connects
For connections between fire compartments in a building, we offer the possible solution of SingleMode CrossConnects.

Connectivity-as-a-Service can be combined with many other modular Data Centric Services from DARZ such as Internet-as-a-Service.

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