Firewall-as-a-Service from DARZ

  • Advantages of our Firewall at a Glance:
  • Security in the hands of specialists
  • Planning reliability by operating performance at the monthly fixed price
  • No own service personnel required
  • Protective systems always up to date
  • No high investments or step-fixed costs

DARZ cooperates with well-established IT security partners such as Sophos and Checkpoint to implement this high-quality firewall service.

Modern business models are based on IT-based structures. These are, on the one hand, effective and efficient, but on the other hand also vulnerable. To the extent that objects network with one another beyond known IT systems and exchange data among each other, the number of gateways for cybercrime and other types of sabotage increases as well. The Federal Office for Information Security shows in its annual report how constant new developments in criminal activity from cyberspace threatens the real economy. One graph has been increasing continuously and will probably never drop: the graph of registered attacks. With its firewall, DARZ has developed a concept that guarantees you a high degree of security and relieves your resources at the same time so that you can focus on your business.

A Protective Wall for Your Business

DARZ’s managed firewall service provides advanced next-generation firewall technology in the form of a managed service to protect your IT infrastructure. For DARZ, the security of the network, IT services and business processes takes top priority. With our firewall services, we assume responsibility for the security of interfaces between your company’s LAN, WAN and IP networks as well as all administrative and operational tasks.

Firewall at the Highest Level

Customers receive a service based on the current Next Generation Firewall systems (NGFW), including of course an intrusion detection and intrusion prevention system to ensure the best possible protection of your sensitive data. Optionally, special defenses can also be implemented at the application level of the firewall in order to detect and defend distributed and intelligent attacks. For this purpose, large quantities of detailed information on the traffic of all web applications such as Deep-Packet, SSL and SSH Inspection are evaluated. Reputation-based rules and quality-of-service functions round off the qualified defenses of the firewall.

Service Components at a Glance

Contracting entities of DARZ are responsible for the security of their network zone transitions. This includes:

  • Administration
  • Maintenance
  • Monitoring
  • 24x7 firewall system monitoring

Our firewall services enable you to focus on your core business again. DARZ can respond to potential attacks in a correct and timely manner. All tasks to secure network zones are taken over by us without burdening your resources. On top of maintenance and care of the hardware and software used, this also includes experts who are always concerned with current threat situations and attack scenarios.

Firewall from One Source

Customers receive a managed Next Generation Firewall from DARZ with intrusion detection and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). This is also managed and operated by us. The system is implemented as an HA cluster over two fire compartments and is handed over to you with fully protective redundancy.

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