Hyperscaler Hub from DARZ

  • Advantages at a Glance
  • No dependency on a hyperscale provider (no vendor lock-in)
  • High agility of delivery
  • Ability to flexibly access various hyperscale services from our data centers via two connections (redundant)
  • Direct connect as a turn key service
  • Very low latency
  • High bandwidth of 100Mbp/s to 10Gbp/s
  • Flexible bandwidth scalability and reduced bandwidth costs
  • Network isolation by VLANs
  • Management of routing by DARZ

Public cloud concepts are the measure of all things when it comes to flexibility, scalability and performance in IT operations. Another significant contribution of the public cloud approach is that it has paved the way for cloud computing from theory into practice. With our hybrid cloud platform, it is easy to combine the benefits of colocation with those of the private and the public cloud in order to get the most out of your business data. With our Hyperscale Hub, the connection interface between the leading public cloud providers in Germany (AWS, Microsoft, IBM, VMware, CloudSigma and Profitbricks), we have maximized the benefits of the public cloud.

Into the Heart of the Public Cloud With DARZ

Our Hyperscaler solution is the network connection between the IT infrastructure of the customer in the DARZ data center or in one of our partner data centers for the IT equipment of all hyperscalers available in Germany. Communication is done by means of a dedicated DWDM infrastructure from DARZ, which operates independently and completely separately from the public Internet with low latency. With our Hyperscaler Hub, you can create private connections directly to your own IT resources in the data center. Using VLANs, this dedicated connection can be divided into multiple virtual interfaces.

Flexible and Powerful

In addition to direct connectivity using a managed dark-fiber connection, our hyperscaler direct connect also includes the required service components to enable the direct connection of a virtual server to the IT infrastructure.
Another special feature is that we not only provide the connection to the interface, but optionally also allow the connectivity to the used IT resource in the hyperscaler itself. We can provide you with the entire range of services, including provisioning of routers, BGP configuration and operation. Together with our partner data centers in Frankfurt, we guarantee the availability of all hyperscalers with a roundtrip time of a maximum of 0.4 milliseconds. This allows you to use a transparent and managed connection without having to administer complex routing equipment by yourself.

Everything Managed, Everything from One Source

With DARZ hyperscaler direct connect, customers who want to use the computer and RAM resources of a hyperscale solution will receive a fully managed connection service. This applies not only to the technical part of the agreement, but as a hyperscale reseller, DARZ will also become your direct contact and contract partner. As part of this, we provide support and agree SLAs together. Invoicing also takes place through DARZ, so you only need one contact point for all issues. DARZ establishes a technical connection from the LAN segment of the virtual machine to the IT infrastructure of the customer.

The Concept of Multi Cloud Sourcing

Outsourcing to one or more hyperscaler services provides clients with numerous advantages as they receive a flexible and powerful IT infrastructure at a manageable cost. Due to the decentralized structure, capacities as well as certain workloads can be expanded at any time. The low total cost of ownership (TCO) of public cloud offerings results from cost-effective standard components in large quantities and the use of virtual infrastructures. Due to these “economies of scale,” resources for IT workspace, climate technology and electricity can be shared for large workloads and data volumes.

Making the Jump to Multi Cloud Sourcing with Us

We enable multi cloud sourcing, that is, the use of more than one hyperscaler. This model allows the distribution of workloads according to economic and/or IT-technical criteria. The high scalability can thus be used without having to accept disadvantages with regard to a vendor lock-in. This enables the client to react quickly and cost-effectively to business challenges and to produce cost-effectively. DARZ enables access to AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix/Softlayer, VMware VCloud Air, CloudSigma and ProfitBricks depending on your wishes.

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