BaaS: Backup-as-a-Service from DARZ

  • BaaS: the Advantages at a Glance
  • No complex maintenance tasks
  • No hardware infrastructure planning
  • No in-depth knowledge of network and storage required
  • No further development of the data security infrastructure necessary
  • No interference suppression tasks need to be in place

In many organizations, backup is only perceived as a component of IT strategy that is necessary but does not contribute to the growth of the company. We see this differently and have therefore established the Data Centric Service Backup-as-a-Service. Modularly structured like all our value-added services, it works particularly well in combination with the services Archiving-as-a-Service and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service.
In order to get the most out of your company data, it is essential to be able to efficiently store, manage and restore it. Only this performance, which is often perceived as a hygienic factor, enables you to properly analyze, process and spread your information globally. This is why this Data Centric Service is a key function within our Data Centric Universe.

Comprehensive Data Backup through Backup-as-a-Service

Backup-as-a-Service represents a comprehensive data protection solution for all areas of the modern IT infrastructure. Today, many companies offer IT-based services that require high throughput and maximum utilization of the infrastructure resources involved. However, numerous solutions for data protection take a toll on the performance of systems during the backup period. With Backup-as-a-Service, we offer backup concepts without compromising the performance of the system to be backed up.

Two Different Backup Variants

  • Application-oriented backup: the entire software environment, including the operating system, application software and usage data, is stored. From this backup, virtual servers can be started in IaaS mode – for the use case of a disaster recovery scenario, for example.
  • Storage-oriented backup: data from the source storage system is routed 1:1 to the backup destination and stored there. Data is restored to source systems during restoration.

Flexible, Cost-effective and Secure: Our Backup-as-a-Service Solution

The amount of data that needs to be saved increases annually. The need for a flexible, cost-effective and secure increase in data storage capacity is the focus of many companies. In addition, off-site storage of data backups by means of external data backup is a way to protect yourself against a fire or other massive data loss in your own company. Our data center service Backup-as-a-Service provides the necessary answers and solutions for you.
Backup-as-a-Service allows you to fully avoid infrastructure costs by leveraging the pay-per-use principle of our enterprise storage service. The deployment includes all functional components such as:

  • Storage space
  • Network connectivity (including access via a site-to-site VPN behind the next-generation firewall of our data center)
  • Maintenance
  • Support

In contrast to in-house solutions, there are no start-up costs as the usage is only calculated according to reserved storage volume. There are also no costs for Internet connection, firewalling and network infrastructure as this is included in the service and the pay-per-use model.
In addition, you can access the complete NetApp feature set (such as SnapMirror, Snap Vault, S3 interface, and/or Veeam) for efficient storage and restore to/from our data center. So if you want to continue using your existing backup software and structure, but look for a backup destination, check out our S3-as-a-Service and Storage-as-a-Service.
DARZ is NetApp Backup-as-a-Service Certified and a partner of Veeam and Comvault.

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