DARZ Secure Data Space – The secure storage solution for your business

File sharing solutions such as Dropbox have been a popular choice for private users when it comes to storing and sharing large amounts of data. The big problem with established B2C solutions, however, is that they are classified as too unsafe by professional companies and organizations and therefore not by law. DARZ has a file-sharing solution in the portfolio, which is safe, legal, powerful and forward-looking. On the basis of the Secure DataSpace solution from our partner SSP Europe, we offer a secure way to file sharing for companies as a further component of our Data Centric Universe.

Privacy from Germany

Your advantage is our Made in Germany solution, which meets all data protection requirements in Germany and the European Union. This is achieved by the full certification according to ISO 27001 as well as the EU Data Protection Basic Regulation and PCI DSS. At DARZ, your data is stored safely, comparable to a vault.

The secure storage solution for your business

DARZ Secure Data Space was developed solely for business needs. As part of the extensive feature set, the added value for you are the three main features of the Enterprise File Sync and Share application. You will not find this anywhere else in this combination.


  • Your Advantages
  • Highly secure end-to-end coding
  • Only your company will have access to your data
  • They strengthen the company’s image vis-à-vis customers and partners

DARZ Secure Data Space uses the triple-crypt technology developed by SSP Europe. Including client-side coding, encryption on the way of transmission as well as on the server. You will not be able to get more security anywhere else.
Benefit from the highest usable encryption standards with “Zero Knowledge”. This means that no person except your authorized users can access the data. This can be neither SSP Europe as a provider of business cloud or DRIN as their operator.
DARZ Secure Data Space guarantees maximum data protection in the background. In the meantime, you can flexibly share documents and collaborate very productively.


  • Your Advantages
  • The corporate design of your company is respected
  • The positive image of your CI remains intact
  • Optically seamless integration into your overall system

Imagine how the CI of your company is. You can tailor the look of the DARZ Secure Data Space package to your corporate design, including URL, text, WebUI, clients and apps. This allows your customers and employees to intuitively move around the entire DARZ Secure Data Space system.

Our added value for you


You can start immediately. DARZ Secure Data Space makes it easy for you, because the solution is ready for immediate use. It scores with intuitive and user-friendly operation. You can start directly without high training expenses. They have no time loss and are, on the contrary, extremely productive.


  • Encrypted delivery of e-mail attachments occurs without additional software
  • Attachments can be easily uploaded through the Outlook add-inn
  • Set password – done!

DARZ Secure Data Space also thinks about the encrypted delivery of e-mail attachments. Very easy and convenient via the Outlook add-in.


  • Storage space can be used over NAS, DAS, SAN
  • SIEM solutions are supported
  • Support for migration and data delivery in service

For automated workflows with a complete range of functions, a deep integration into your application landscape is a prerequisite. DARZ Secure Data Space has all the prerequisites in the program: e.g. The Active Directory connection and the JSON REST API programming interface – because it also has a provisioning and reporting function. SDKs and developers, expert support is also provided to connect third-party solutions such as SharePoint, SaaS, etc.


  • You can prove data protection towards customers
  • Compliant according to quality management guidelines
  • Reliable protection according to currently valid standards

DARZ Secure Data Space complies with all relevant data protection and compliance guidelines and has the ULD and EuroPriSe data protection seal in Version 4.


The European Basic Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO / GDPR) has been valid since May 24th, 2016. All the specifications formulated in it must be implemented by May 25th, 2018. Otherwise, fines of up to EUR 20 million or up to 4% of the company turnover achieved worldwide may be threatened.
The DSGVO affects all companies and organizations that collect, process and store personal data. These data also include names, e-mail addresses, or IP addresses.
With DARZ Secure Data Space store and use data in accordance with the DSGVO.

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