NPSaaS – The First Real Hybrid Cloud

At present, many organizations are facing challenges in migrating and managing data in a hybrid cloud environment. High flexibility is a prerequisite for moving data dynamically between cloud environments and their underlying services. That is why no one wants to be ties to a cloud provider that allows only limited control over their own data. In addition, reliable data backup continues to be the biggest obstacle to the use of cloud solutions. This is particularly true in Germany, since the legal situation on data protection requires the processing of personal information on German territory. The question of data security is much discussed, as the current jurisdiction regarding the Safe Harbor Agreement means that companies can no longer easily migrate personal user data from Europe to the US. With NPSaaS, customers are using dedicated NetApp private storage in the DARZ data center as well as the capacities of the DARZ private cloud and hyperscaler clouds.

Quick and Easy Access to Multiple Clouds

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With NPSaaS from DARZ, companies can now leverage the benefits of public cloud providers regarding flexibility, cost and performance without putting their data (and therefore their entire company) at risk. Customers can rely on the fact that data remains in Germany at all times and that their services meet the highest security and compliance requirements.

With NPSaaS from DARZ, companies are able to combine services from different hyperscalers and thus optimize the costs and performance of individual workloads. For example, development processes can be executed in AWS and other processes in SoftLayer, or vice versa. Since the data is located locally in DARZ’s highly secure data center, companies can move their workloads between cloud providers in a matter of seconds without having to migrate any data.

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