SaaS: Storage-as-a-Service from DARZ

  • Advantages of Storage-as-a-Service at a Glance:
  • No expensive investments in IT infrastructure
  • No jump fix costs
  • Storage as a Service is flexible and scalable
  • Your data is stored in Germany (unaffected by the Patriot/Freedom Act) ─ you have 100% control over the location of your data
  • Avoidance of “vendor lock-in”
  • Enterprise storage feature set for replication/migrations
  • Different storage technologies and performance classes (Pure Flash, SSD, SAS, SATA) are available
  • Pay-per-use model, where only the volume is calculated

Nowadays, the ability to deal efficiently with high data traffic is critical to business. In the sense of DARZ’s Data Centric Service approach, it is essential for companies in digital transformation to develop a stringent digital strategy with regard to the storage, processing and distribution of data. Many companies spend much more money on data storage infrastructure and associated expenses than they have to. And often, what they buy is not even a real solution to the company’s comprehensive data problems. Storage-as-a-Service (SaaS) provides support and is a key element in the Data Centric Universe of DARZ.

What Benefit Does Storage-as-a-Service Have?

The use of SaaS saves investment in data center infrastructure, power, hardware and software, as well as running costs for maintenance and personnel. Depending on the customer’s requirements, data can be stored physically at one or more locations. The security and availability of an enterprise storage system in combination with volume and geographic scalability offers you numerous advantages.

How to Use SaaS from DARZ

DARZ provides storage capacity with a pay-per-use model and a full enterprise feature set through Ethernet or fiber channel network infrastructure. This storage can be provided either in the DARZ data center or in DARZ’s partner data centers. You can choose between different performance classes – from slow storage (SATA) to high-performance Pure Flash memory (SSD).

You configure SaaS yourself:

Storage can be used for various application scenarios (e.g., data store, backup storage, storage target for hypervisor infrastructures).

  • Number of fire compartments and location of storage components
  • Physical data center locations
  • Backup/replication mechanisms, if necessary
  • Management by DARZ or by own employees
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