DARZ Consulting Partners

DARZ has become a genuine platform for innovation by integrating consulting partners. The best infrastructure, the most sophisticated technology and the best in-house know-how are little value without a critical and advisory view from the outside. Our consulting partners round off DARZ’s Data Centric Universe by supporting the innovation process as early as possible and actively shaping it.

Beck et al. – Consulting for the Public Cloud

Beck et al. Services is our partner when it comes to management in the public cloud and hybrid concepts. Beck et al. Services is an independent, enterprise-led consulting company for IT projects and services. The company operates internationally in locations in Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Brazil and Singapore. Since 1999, the organization has been acting as a reliable partner to its customers. Today, around 80 people work for customers worldwide.


ITSM Consulting – Expertise in IT Service Management

IT Service Management is one of the most important strategic issues for a full IT service provider. As a digital evolution provider, DARZ has implemented several special features such as a modular service portfolio with multi-stage scaling and service levels. It was therefore all the more important to address the issue of service management with a renowned partner such as ITSM. From this successful collaboration, a partnership for projects and customers arose. ITSM Consulting AG, founded in 2000, is the parent company of the strongly growing ITSM Group. The company group is one of the established corporate advisory services providing operational support to national and international customers to optimize their organizations, businesses and IT processes according to clear quality criteria and to control them efficiently. Customers are especially experienced in the fields of (IT) service management, management and technology consulting with a focus on strategy, organization, IT governance and solution implementation and training.


Antago – Consultant for Information Security

In IT Security, DARZ relies on the first-class know-how of Antago. We’re convinced by anyone who can both hack Chancellor Merkel’s cell phone and advise large corporations. Antago offers not only unique analyses and advice, but also, like DARZ, pursues a holistic approach from consulting on architecture and operation, through support for implementation, to continuous testing and reporting. With well-founded safety expertise and current market knowledge, Antago serves not only companies from manufacturing and retail, but from commerce, finance, insurance and government agencies, as well as hospitals and health care facilities. Appropriate, individual and objective, it is independent of producers and products.


Schuelke.NET – Know-how for IT Security

In the area of network security and firewall security in general and Juniper applications in particular, DARZ maintains a long-term partnership with Schuelke.net. For more than 25 years, schuelke.net has been a reliable starting point for questions about Internet, network and data security.
Independent and neutral, they serve companies and institutions of all sizes and industries.


WSP Consulting – Modular Services for Continuous Innovation

WSP Consulting supports DARZ with a portion of its modular service portfolio. WSP Consulting GmbH is an international technology and consulting company. It specializes in the implementation of enterprise service management. Their expert team works with the highest level of commitment and professional and technical expertise. The company conducts its partnership with its customers by attaching great importance to every project.


WSP Soft – platform based IT service management suite based

WSP-Soft is the manufacturer of the most innovative enterprise platform on the German market – WSPone, the platform for the development of future-oriented Java Enterprise applications for all business processes. The company offers an IT service management suite based on the platform, which is successively supplemented by further applications from IT and non-IT business areas. Maintaining the benefits of the proven, and eliminating the disadvantages of implementing the latest frameworks and technologies at the same time, this is WSP-Soft’s claim. WSP-Soft uses the BPMN 2.0 standard in process design and places great value on data security. This is why development, hosting and the operation of the Enterprise Service Management Platform takes place exclusively in Germany. You can also implement your individual requirements for IT and non-IT processes on WSPone.


Evoila – Expertise in Cloud Computing

Together with Evoila, we have made DARZ’s second major innovation marketable: Docker & Container-as-a-Service. In the area of OpenStack and CloudFoundry, Evoila is one of the best consulting houses in the market. As one of the first companies of its kind in Germany, they have implemented infrastructures and developed their own reporting and billing software. Evoila is therefore our partner of choice for OpenStack. In its portfolio of analysis, architecture, operations, DevOps and workshops, Evoila provides customers with complete and comprehensive consulting for migration to the private, hybrid or public cloud, regardless of whether it is software as a service, platform as a service or infrastructure as a service.



Die Meshcloud-Plattform bietet die Open-Source-Cloud-Technologien OpenStack (IaaS) und Cloud Foundry (PaaS) und schützt Cloud-Nutzer vor dem Risiko des Vendor-Lock-ins. Meshcloud bietet mit OpenStack klassische Cloud-Infrastruktur-Services wie Compute, Storage und Network-Ressourcen und mit Cloud Foundry eine (Docker-)Container-Laufzeitumgebung und Plattform-Services, wie PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch und viele mehr. Die Plattform deckt damit den kompletten Cloud Stack ab. Das Angebot standardisierter Cloud Services bietet hohe Transparenz in Bezug auf Preis und Leistung und schützt vor unerwarteten oder versteckten Kosten bei Skalierung. Mehrere Standorte innerhalb Europas gewähren zum Einen europäischen Datenschutz, ermöglichen aber auch den einfachen Aufbau einer dezentralen Infrastruktur. Dabei können über das Meshcloud User Interface IT-Projekte konsolidiert verwaltet und abgerechnet werden. Dies gilt für verschiedene Standorte sowie verschiedene Services innerhalb des Cloud Stacks. Darüber hinaus bietet das User Interface eine flexible Userverwaltung inkl. Rechtemanagement.


Minet Technologies – Supply Chain Management from Market Leader

In the age of multi-cloud sourcing, procurement processes, assessment of requirements (data protection law, company requirements for data security, performance) and the assessment of workloads with regard to volatility are more important than ever. This is why it is all the more important to have a consulting partner who has been working successfully for years. That is why we are focusing on one of the leading companies in this field. Minet operates in procurement and supply chain, providing professional services and solutions to this fascinating world. With its products, Minet Technologies contributes to the long-term high earnings level of its customers.


DEUDAT – Consulting Partner for Data Protection

Data protection is of paramount importance at DARZ. That is why we have externalized the expertise for this area to our partner DEUDAT. “Simple, secure, well-advised!” DEUDAT GmbH defines its guiding principle with this philosophy, which distinguishes it from other service providers in its segment. The owner-managed company, headquartered in Wiesbaden with branches in Berlin and Braubach/Rhine, offers nationwide-services in the area of data protection and IT security with great benefits, a high demand for staying up-to-date and practical relevance. DEUDAT hosts an expert team consisting of consultants for data protection, IT security, organization and quality management and experienced lawyers. Contacts with many years of practical experience are at your disposal. DEUDAT GmbH also cooperates with specialist associations and organizations.



By means of its sophisticated solutions for data centers and networks as well as progressive extra services, dacoso supports companies in dealing with their growing IT requirements by using a powerful and secure IT infrastructure. Its customer list includes some big players such as Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Börse, Merck and the Techniker Krankenkasse. Customers rely on technological know-how and appreciate the fact that dacoso produces more than out-of-the-box solutions, but rather develops them individually. dacoso is headed by its two founders Horst Pohl and Thomas Joswig. They continue to work tirelessly with their team on the growing success of the company. dacoso GmbH is headquartered in Langen near Frankfurt and has a further 11 locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Media Transfer AG (MTG)

Founded in 1995 in Darmstadt, the software company media transfer AG (MTG) and its employees are among the leading German experts for sophisticated encryption technologies. With innovative security software, MTG secures mass data communication in critical infrastructures.


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