Cooperations and Memberships

With its Data Centric Universe, DARZ is always pursuing the goal of being at the forefront of technological developments. This also includes recognizing trends and helping to shape discourse at central locations. Cooperations are a central component of the DARZ innovation platform. It is therefore all the more important to network with thought leaders in the digital environment in order to bring them to the table at the right time – to the best of our partners and customers.


IT FOR WORK is the coordinating office in Hesse for the software cluster around Darmstadt, Kaiserslautern, Karlsruhe and Saarbrücken. The organization brings IT expertise together, actively networking them to provide a basis for successful business relationships. Networking events include, among other things, IT labs between companies and research as well as matchmaking that brings together potential business partners. The personal contact creates trust so that members remain in contact and work between meetings. IT FOR WORK promotes the successful start-up of young IT companies, in addition to exchanges and contact management. IT FOR WORK also helps to recruit new professionals, assisting especially graduates and young professionals with the job search.
IT FOR WORK and DARZ are jointly organizing the event “Meet & Greet for the IT Industry.”

IHK Darmstadt

IHK Darmstadt has three major tasks: self-government, interest-taking and consulting for its 70,000 member companies. 74 voluntary entrepreneurs sit at the AGM and set the focus of IHK work. Altogether, over 2,000 men and women volunteer at IHK Darmstadt. DARZ is active not only because of its position as a company in the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, but also as a training company.

Initiative Cloud Services Made in Germany

Initiative Cloud Services Made in Germany is an initiative from AppSphere AG with the support of the Cloud Computing Report. To be included in the Cloud Services Made in Germany solution, the following criteria must be met: the company of the Cloud Service operator must have been founded and be headquartered in Germany; the company must conclude service-level agreements with its Cloud Service customers (SLA) according to German law; the court of jurisdiction for all contractual and legal matters must be in Germany; and the company must provide local, German-speaking service and support for customer inquiries.

House of IT

The Rhine-Main region is one of the most important locations in Europe for information and communication technologies. In order to further strengthen the ICT industry, representatives from science, business and politics have initiated the construction of the House of IT. The House of IT wants to become the third “House of …” alongside the already established House of Finance and House of Logistics & Mobility, making the scientific and economic strengths of the region more visible both nationally and internationally. All activities strive to be interdisciplinary and network actors from politics, business and science. The aims are to create sustainable innovation, to offer excellent training programs and to support business startups in order to promote the development of the regional ICT industry.

Alliance for Cyber Security

The Alliance for Cyber Security is an initiative of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), founded in 2012 in cooperation with the Federal Association for Information Management, Telecommunications and New Media (BITKOM). Currently, some 2024 institutions, over 100 active partners and at least 45 multipliers participate in the alliance. As a grouping of all key players in the field of cyber security in Germany, the alliance aims to increase cyber security in Germany and strengthen the resilience of Germany against a cyberattack. In order to jointly promote cyber security, BSI is working intensively with partners and multipliers within the framework of the alliance.

Innovations- und Gründungszentrum HIGHEST

HIGHEST steht für Home of Innovation, GrowtH, EntrepreneurShip and Technology Management. Das Innovations- und Gründungszentrum HIGHEST an der TU Darmstadt stärkt die Gründungskultur innerhalb der eigenen Hochschule und in der Region Rhein-Main-Neckar und ist die zentrale Anlaufstelle für wissens- und technologiebasierte Unternehmensgründungen und Innovationen. Die Organisation bündelt eine Vielzahl gründungsrelevanter Förderangebote und ermöglicht mit verschiedenen Veranstaltungsformaten die Qualifizierung für den Weg in die Selbständigkeit. HIGHEST fördert unternehmerisches Denken und Handeln und berät Gründerinnen und Gründer ganz individuell – von der Idee bis zum Markt.

eco Verband

With more than 950 member companies, eco is the largest association of Internet businesses in Europe. Since 1995, it has played a major role in the development of the Internet in Germany, promoting new technologies, infrastructures and markets to create a vast framework. Every important expert and decision-maker in the Internet industry is represented in the eco expertise groups and is advancing the latest and coming international issues together with a team of over 60 employees.

German Association for Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses (BVMW)

The German Association for Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses (BVMW is the largest, voluntarily organized mid-sized business association in Germany. Within the framework of this SME alliance, it represents the interests of over 270,000 companies that employ over nine million people. With around 300 representatives, the BVMW is in daily direct dialogue with regional, national and international SMEs. That is over 700,000 contacts that our business centers have with small- and medium-sized entrepreneurs every year. As a result, we are constantly and comprehensively informed about the situation of the medium-sized economy.

TU Darmstadt

DARZ maintains a partnership with the Technical University of Darmstadt in order to promote young researchers and to keep up-to-date with current trends in research and teaching. This cooperation facilitates collaboration with the most important people in the long term, those thinking progressively to bring partners and customers forward.

Freunde der Cloud

Freunde der Cloud (English: Friends of the Cloud) was founded in 2014 to create a community platform that not only simplifies technical, conceptual and business environments, but focuses on the overall value of the cloud. Freunde der Cloud researches the impact of the cloud on society and business. Its members see the cloud not only as a technology but as a prerequisite for innovation, modern lifestyle and the thinking of a whole generation.


UP KRITIS is a public-private cooperation between critical infrastructure operators (KRITIS), its associations and the relevant governmental bodies. It addresses eight of the nine critical infrastructure sectors. The “State and Administration” sector is covered by UP BUND. The objective of the UP KRITIS cooperation is to maintain the supply of critical infrastructure services in Germany.

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