DARZ Partners for the Cloud

Access to resources from the public cloud is an essential part of the DARZ Hybrid Cloud Platform and the vision of an innovation platform. In this context, customers and partners can quickly and flexibly access exactly the computing resources they need, such as CPU and RAM, whenever they need it. This lets you scale performance not only with just some hyperscaler, but across all hyperscalers available in Germany. This means freedom of choice in an unprecedented dimension.
With our Data Centric Services and the unique Hybrid Cloud Platform, DARZ maintains partnerships with all leading hyperscalers, offering its customers the ability to realize and manage their environment and to seamlessly integrate it into their overall IT infrastructure. This is the approach of the first real hybrid cloud.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services provide a wide range of global, cloud-based products such as data processing, storage, databases, analytics, networks, mobile devices, development tools, management tools, IoT, security and enterprise applications. These services enable organizations to react faster, reduce IT costs and scale applications. Many large companies and startups rely on AWS to deal with a variety of workloads such as web and mobile applications, game development, data processing and data warehousing, storage, archiving and much more.


Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a highly scalable cloud platform. This platform provides users with various services, applications and databases. Microsoft Azure also allows the storage of your own data in the cloud. Users no longer need to store data on their own computers, but can conveniently store it in the cloud. Microsoft Azure is a growing collection of integrated cloud services for analysis, computing, databases, mobile devices, networks, storage and the web. Users enjoy more flexibility, reach and savings. Azure opens up a variety of options.


IBM Bluemix / Softlayer

IBM Bluemix/Softlayer is a cloud-based and open platform that gives developers great freedom for application development and deployment. Software developers can efficiently provide applications for current application areas, such as big data, analytics, cognitive computing, DevOps, Internet of Things, social media, mobile applications and security using new APIs, digital services and software components. An ever-growing number of IBM services, open source services and third-party services are available for this purpose.



The DARZ data center in Darmstadt is the basis for CloudSigma cloud services on the German market. CloudSigma’s secure CloudSigma hybrid cloud technology provides direct connectivity between private networks in the public cloud and your private infrastructure, secured by a private IP address. All services are made available at the data center of DARZ GmbH in Darmstadt or through partners of the enterprise in every data center in the Rhine-Main region. Without any loss in speed over a 100 Gbps connection.
CloudSigma’s hybrid cloud offer allows companies to connect their existing infrastructure to our public cloud through privately-delivered connectivity, giving them access to large-scale Infrastructure-as-a-Service offerings to scale computing resources flexibly and cost-efficiently with high reliability and security.


VMware vCloud Air

VMware vCloud Air is Vmware’s IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) offering, which is based on VMware vCenter. VMware provides customers three cloud services with vCloud Air: a dedicated cloud, a virtual private cloud and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS). VMware customers can manage workloads from these cloud services through VMware vCenter, vRealize Automation or vCloud Director. The dedicated cloud offer in vCloud Air is a physically isolated deployment with the highest level of scalability offered by VMware. This offer therefore addresses large-scale cloud projects and offers configuration possibilities of up to 120 gigabytes of virtual working memory with six terabytes of storage, connected by a 50 Mbps network that can scale to 1 GBit/s as required.



ProfitBricks GmbH is the first and only specialized cloud computing provider for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) in Germany. Two pioneers of the German webhosting industry, Achim Weiß and Andreas Gauger, founded ProfitBricks in 2010 and now employ more than 100 employees from over 20 nations. ProfitBricks offers cloud computing with three special advantages: 100% strict German privacy; the simplest migration and usability through an innovative technology approach that allows the cloud to behave exactly like real servers in the data center; and lastly, significant cost savings through clever technologies.


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