Highest quality hardware for your business success

We rely on leading manufacturers for hardware and software. In our opinion, this is just as important as quality, safety, service and innovation. Only the use of sophisticated and powerful components ensures that our customers and partners can combine the data center infrastructure with the maximum potential of their data. We operate under the assumption that the combination of infrastructure, technology, know-how and cooperation in hardware and software in a best-in-class approach leads to real innovations that enable sustainable growth.

Hardware from NetApp

To store and process data, DARZ relies on FAS, E-Series and Solidfire systems for hardware, as well as NetApp’s StorageGRID Webscale. NetApp is the ideal strategic partner for our data centric services due to its strong innovation, product bandwidth, data fabric approach and multi-managing capabilities. The DataFabric strategy provides a solution to today’s data management challenges and effectively provides users a future in the hybrid cloud. With a cloud-enabled data center infrastructure, data is protected wherever you are. Users manage the application performance across all assets: flash, disk and cloud. With DataFabric, customers manage their own data so that their data is always where they need it, without much effort. In this way, users have the freedom to make the best decisions.

Hardware Applications


We use the FAS System 8080 to help you adapt quickly to changing business requirements without affecting critical IT characteristics such as uptime, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. The powerful NetApp FAS8000 Series hybrid storage systems are designed for business-critical workloads that require high performance (up to 4 million IOPS), scalability across multiple PBs, and the integration of leading Flash technologies. This is the foundation for a Data Fabric strategy that allows you to keep control of your data – on-site and in the cloud. It also provides performance for a wide range of SAN and NAS workloads.

E-Series from NetApp

There are basically two criteria that distinguish the E-Series from FAS. Dedicated Storage: FAS is designed as shared storage, which means that many different workloads share the same storage system. The E-Series is the better choice for applications that require dedicated storage. These include SAN-based business applications, dedicated backup targets, and ultra-compact storage repositories. Data Management: FAS integrates a variety of data management, data storage and storage efficiency functions that are all components of the storage system. However, if your application manages its own data itself, these capacities remain unused. In this case, the E-Series is an excellent alternative.

AFF8080 MetroCluster

A distance of only 20 miles (30 kilometers) from the DARZ data center to Frankfurt data centers makes it possible to implement cost-efficient synchronously mirrored storage systems without caching. This ideally redundant, crossover-free and CAN-terminated connection ensures the lowest latencies. To achieve this, we are using the AFF8080 MetroCluster solution from NetApp. AllFlash FAS (AFF) accelerates applications with the fastest unified scale-out all-Flash array with up to 7 million IOPS at a latency of less than a millisecond and over 360PB of effective capacity. This contributes to greater economy with first-class Flash density due to a comprehensive 1PB Flash system in a compact 4U housing. The result is an 11-times lower power consumption, 19 times less rack space, and up to 67% lower support costs.

StorageGRID Webscale

The StorageGRID Webscale appliance provides cost-effective, high-density object storage in an easy-to-implement appliance. With it implemented, enterprise-class object storage can be effortlessly managed. The NetApp StorageGRID Webscale Appliance combines E-Series hardware with the NetApp object storage software, providing a solution for the most demanding workloads. Effortless implementation and easy management are the core features of the solution. The StorageGRID Webscale Appliance is an easy-to-implement, modular device that allows you to create new installations or extend existing installations. It combines computing and storage into a single, easy-to-deploy, easy-to-maintain product.

Backup-as-a-Service Certified Service Provider

DARZ is a backup-as-a-service certified service provider. Top performance in service and safety means a lot of effort, extreme care and regular control. NetApp and its partners have faced these challenges. Partners including DARZ are tested by NetApp for best practices and standards for service, security, and technology, and must provide appropriate evidence – not just once, but regularly.

From NPS to NPSaaS

The partnership between NetApp and DARZ is the ultimate expression of the performance capability of the innovation platform at DARZ. With the help of the infrastructure, the hardware and the know-how of DARZ, both partners were able to turn NetApp Private Storage (NPS) into a service that can be used as a service. So NPS became NPSaaS, and from this concept came the first real hybrid cloud in the world.

Dell Hardware

Dell servers are the core of the IT infrastructure of DARZ. We rely on Dell hardware because of the high quality, packaging density and innovative solutions. This simplifies administration, accelerates computing, and delivers top performance with versatile PowerEdge server configurations and intelligent, integrated management.



Veeam is the market leader in the field of backup and replication of virtual infrastructures and is the right partner for the innovation platform of DARZ. We are a Veeam Service Provider Partner and don’t only create Veeam-based backups, but also serve as a replication target. Veeam has created a completely new market segment under the motto “Availability for the Always-On Enterprise.” Unlike traditional backups that only provide recovery times (RTOs) and restore points (RPOs) over several hours or days, Veeam helps organizations achieve recovery times and points (RTPO) of under 15 minutes for all applications and data. This is achieved thanks to an essentially new, holistic solution that provides high-speed recovery, data-loss prevention, verified protection, risk minimization and complete transparency.



DARZ manages and operates Microsoft operating systems and the cloud infrastructure of Microsoft Azure. The biggest challenge for IT today is not the cost, but the speed. The transition to a “cloud-first” world is about being ahead of the competition. New applications and new functions for applications promote business use. Our Partner Microsoft knows how much companies are under pressure to maintain the necessary agility while maintaining security, resilience and performance. The company is reacting to these challenges in many ways, including its new operating system Microsoft Server 2016, which helps our customers get the most out of the current version for their data. DARZ does this with Microsoft Azure, the public cloud solution, on an even larger scale.



Zerto is the preferred partner of DARZ when it comes to the topics replication and disaster recovery. Together, we offer extended solutions for these scenarios. Zerto provides enterprise-class disaster recovery and business continuity software specifically for virtualized data centers and cloud environments. The award-winning solution provides enterprises with continuous data replication and recovery, designed specifically for virtualized infrastructures and the cloud. Zerto Virtual Replication is the first market solution for hypervisor-based replication for tier 1 applications, replacing traditional array-based BC/DR solutions that are not designed for virtualization.



DARZ relies on FLOWSTER Solutions to optimize the automation of infrastructure, workflows and other processes. The German manufacturer makes software products and solutions for cross-platform automation and process orchestration for IT infrastructure. The model-based and standardized development of workflows in FLOWSTER Studio (middleware) allows for fast, comprehensible recurring routine activities in administration to integrate with compiled, executed and existing scripts or proprietary machines. The FLOWSTER workflow templates enable immediate use in the data center and include standard workflows in areas such as data center shutdown, server automation, user management and workplace automation.


Cloud Foundry

We rely on Cloud Foundry for the automation of our Data Centric Service Docker & Container-as-a-Service. Based on established manufacturing infrastructure for global enterprises, the platform ensures scalable microservices and continuous provisioning, faster turnaround times and higher revenue.



For its on-site presence, in the sense of offices and production sites, DARZ uses the SimpliVity concept. At its core: simplicity – in design, operation and support. SimpliVity’s breakthrough technology is based on the OmniStack Data Virtualization Platform and the OmniStack Accelerator Card. The Data Virtualization Platform is a globally-oriented file system with data optimization techniques that provides a single, joint, scalable resource pool for computing and storage across multiple sites, providing highly efficient data storage, management, and mobility. It abstracts data from the underlying hardware, allowing x86 server independence and shifting policy and administration from the infrastructure components to the application workload/VM level. The OmniStack Accelerator Card is a specially developed PCIe card that takes global OmniStack inline deduplication, compression, and optimization processes to deliver the predictable and peak performance that enterprise-critical tier-1 applications require.



DARZ employs ADVA to establish and manage the glass fiber ring to achieve up to 96×100 GBit in a glass fiber. The longevity of the product, outstanding support of our partner dacoso and the certification of the system are especially decisive factors in our choice of its use. In addition, the real-time encryption even at 100 GBit meets the highest security standards. Adva is the leading provider on the global DCI market (Data Center Interconnect). The company holds the top position in the categories Metro Internet Content Provider / Carrier Neutral Provider (ICP/CNP) and Enterprise. In the first half of 2016, ADVA Optical Networking achieved high success in the DCI area.
dacoso provides connectivity solutions for data centers and networks: the company provides and integrates necessary hardware and supports it with comprehensive services to ensure that systems run efficiently and reliably.



VMware, the leading enterprise hypervisor for software defined data centers, is the ideal partner for our virtualization tasks. DARZ is a VMware Service Provider and a VMware Managed Service Provider with vCloud Air. VMware, the world’s leading provider of cloud infrastructure and business mobility, accelerates the digital transformation of enterprises through a software-defined approach. VMware solutions provide users with a first-class user experience. This is ensured by its holistic approach to mobility, a quicker response to market opportunities through the hybrid cloud, and the strengthening of customer trust through effective protection against cyber threats.



Networks and routing are an integral part of the Data Centric Services of DARZ. That is why we are using components of the market leader Cisco to make the data available in the right place at the right time The Cisco Digital Network Architecture is an open, extensible and software-driven architecture that simplifies enterprise network operation by making them more flexible. The programmable architecture relieves IT teams of time-consuming, routine issues during network configuration – valuable time that could be invested in innovations to promote business development instead. Network features can be deployed with just a few clicks. As a result, new services can be delivered to the customer flexibly and immediately, at lower cost and less risk.



We rely on the software solutions from GRAU DATA to provide our own Enterprise Dropbox solution. GRAU DATA offers cost-efficient solutions for secure, long-term and audit-proof data archiving according to GoBD, regardless of the hardware or archive application used, and provides a communication platform for secure, global data exchange. Products are scalable from a terabyte to several petabytes.



Bridgeworks is DARZ’s first partner of choice when it comes to WAN optimization. This data acceleration and optimized network provider with self-configuring data infrastructure (SCION) is a true innovator in its field.



As an innovative provider, ESET is our partner in the field of antivirus security. ESET technologies are being continuously further developed, constantly setting new standards. They detect all types of malware, such as viruses, worms and spyware, reliably preventing them. The cloud-based technologies of ESET LiveGrid® enable an even faster detection of threats. With a worldwide network of research and technology centers, the company can react quickly to new and unknown threats. ESET guarantees its customers reliable protection.


SUSE Linux and OpenStack

In addition to the hypervisor VMware, DARZ stands on the shoulders of Suse OpenStack. OpenStack distinguishes itself above all with its open source approach. OpenStack is for the cloud what an operating system is for the PC. While Windows and Linux, for example, manage individual computer or server resources, OpenStack takes resource tasks from many computers to collectively represent the platform of a cloud environment. OpenStack is the operating system for cloud infrastructures. To ensure first-class service to our customers, support and quality are of utmost importance – so SUSE is our partner of choice.



Nutanix, a valued partner of DARZ, performs similar tasks as SimpliVity. Nutanix simplifies data center infrastructure by integrating server and storage resources into a turnkey hyper-converted platform. The company is the industry leader for hyper-converted infrastructure and software-defined storage. The world’s most advanced enterprise computing centers rely on Nutanix for storage, virtualization and mission-critical workloads. The hyper-converted infrastructure integrates computing and storage in a single x86-based server that deploys in scale-out clusters. The energy and space requirements are thus reduced, and storage complexity is significantly reduced.


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