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If you do not want to be tied to a network provider to spread your data, then DARZ is the right place for you. We offer high availability, first-class service, high security and access, and free choice of over 700 providers/carriers, as well as connectivity to all Internet exchanges such as DE-CIX, AMS-IX, LINX and BCIX. You benefit from the greatest flexibility and reliability to meet your business requirements. In order to realize this high level of flexibility and connectivity, we work with numerous partners for Internet connections. These can be found below. DARZ also provides its highly available Internet-as-a-Service in the public cloud. It is also available as a hybrid solution.


Unitymedia, headquartered in Cologne, is the largest cable network operator and one of the leading providers of media and communications services via broadband cables in North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse and Baden-Württemberg. With one of the most modern and largest connected cable networks in Europe, Unitymedia reaches 12.7 million households and offers digital and analogue TV and radio as well as telephone services and the possibility of surfing the Internet at up to 200 Mbps. As of December 31, 2014, Unitymedia had 7.1 million customers who purchased approximately 2.9 million Internet and 2.7 million telephony subscriptions and 6.6 million TV subscriptions (RGU).
In the Unitymedia area, connectivity services from Liberty Global can always be used directly, which contributes to optimal performance.


Colt is Europe’s leading information delivery platform and ensures delivery, processing, storage, and distribution of critical business data for its customers. Colt is a leading provider of integrated computing and network services for large and medium-sized businesses as well as for wholesale customers. The company operates a network comprising 22 countries and 43,000 km which includes metropolitan area networks from 39 major European cities with direct fiber connections to 19,000 buildings and 20 Colt data centers.


DE-CIX is one of the world’s leading operators of Internet nodes, whose most important service is public peering. By connecting to the DE-CIX exchange, companies optimize their IP transit and network costs because they no longer have to connect their networks individually with all other market participants, but only have to connect once to the interconnection platform. From its data center in Darmstadt, DARZ forms a “Remote Enabled Site,” allowing its customers to peer via their own infrastructure directly at the DE-CIX exchange in Frankfurt, without even having to provide an additional connection to Frankfurt.

Vodafone Deutschland

Vodafone Deutschland is one of the leading integrated telecommunication companies as well as the largest TV provider in Germany. With its 14,000 employees, the Group provides Internet, mobile, fixed line and television services from a single source. As a gigabit company, Vodafone is pushing ahead with the expansion of infrastructure in Germany. With ever-faster networks, the company out of Düsseldorf is paving the way for the German gigabit industry – whether with a fixed line network or mobile communications. Vodafone connects people and machines, secures company networks and communication, and stores data for companies in the German cloud. Around 90% of all DAX companies and 15 of Germany’s 16 federal states have already opted for Vodafone. With 41.9 million mobile phone cards, 5.8 million fixed-line broadband customers as well as numerous digital solutions, Vodafone Deutschland generates an annual turnover of 11 billion euros.

ENTEGA Medianet

As a company of ENTEGA AG, formerly HEAG Südhessische Energie AG (HSE AG), ENTEGA Medianet has been offering telecommunication solutions and IT services since 1996, with a regional focus in the South of Hesse in Southwest Germany. With its own broadband network, ENTEGA Medianet offers powerful and secure solutions with a service that is available 365 days a year and 24 hours a day for customers. In addition to many private households, customers also include small and medium-sized businesses, as well as companies with regional and international operations.


Cogent is a multinational Tier 1 Internet service provider, ranked as one of the world’s top five networks. Its primary service offering consists of Internet access and data transport, which is offered through award-winning fiber optic connections along with colocation in each of its 51 data centers. The innovative network extends across North America, over the Atlantic across Europe and over the Pacific up to Asia. With over 56,700 miles of fiber optics, Cogent Services provides over 196 markets and connects customers with over 5,820 other networks.


Deutsche Telekom is one of the world’s leading integrated telecommunications companies with around 156 million mobile customers, 29 million fixed line and more than 18 million broadband connections. The company offers products and services from the areas of fixed-network/broadband, mobile radio, Internet and Internet TV for private customers as well as solutions for information and communication technology for large and business customers. Deutsche Telekom is represented in more than 50 countries. In fiscal year 2015, the Group generated sales of 69.2 billion euros with around 225,200 employees worldwide – about 64 percent of that outside Germany.

Tata Communications

Tata Communications is a global company with roots in emerging markets. Headquartered in Mumbai and Singapore, it has more than 8,000 employees in 38 countries. The company, with sales of $3.2 billion, is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India and is the telco flagship of the $103.3 billion Tata Group.


euNetworks is a provider of broadband infrastructure services. The company owns and operates 13 fiber-based networks across metropolitan cities in Europe, connected with a high-capacity intercity backbone covering 45 cities in 10 countries. The company is a leading data center and cloud connectivity provider in Europe, directly connecting over 290 key data centers. In addition, euNetworks is a leading provider of connectivity to the cloud with connections to 12 cloud platforms. The company offers inner-city and long distance Ethernet and IP services, including dark fiber, metro wavelengths, Ethernet and Internet. The media industry, financial services providers, companies and carriers are benefiting from euNetwork’s fiber-optic and open-core network, which is designed to meet the stringent demands of broadband connectivity.

Telia Company AB

Telia Company AB is the leading telecommunication company and mobile network operator for Finland and Sweden. The company is also active in other Northern and Eastern European markets, partly through subsidiary companies such as Azercell, Kcell, Moldcell and Omnitel. Telia Company, headquartered in Stockholm, has over 189 million customers throughout Eurasia and employs approximately 26,000 people. Turnover in 2013 amounted to about 101.7 billion Swedish kronor, equivalent to 11.5 billion euros.


Telespazio, a joint venture between Leonardo – Finmeccanica (67%) and Thales (33%), is one of the world’s leading providers of satellite services. Headquartered in Rome, Italy, the company employs around 2,500 people and relies on an international network of space centers and teleporters, and is active worldwide through numerous subsidiaries and joint ventures. The company manages communications networks capable of integrating satellite-based and ground-based infrastructures and addressing the needs of business and institutional markets, media and broadcasting corporations and global telecom operators.

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