Connectivity Solutions from DARZ

The DARZ data center is one of the highest connectivity data centers in Germany. This is because we operate both carrier-neutral and cloud-neutral, and independently of hyperscalers. We are able to do this because we are not in competition with these companies, and can use our Data Centric Universe to market their services. For you as a customer, this offers the invaluable advantage that you can literally have your pick of the lot.

As an example of this benefit, we offer you access to the following Internet exchange nodes with which to distribute your data efficiently and cost-effectively:

  • VIX in Vienna
  • BNIX in Brussels
  • DIX in Copenhagen
  • COMIX in Copenhagen
  • SFINX in Paris
  • FranceIX in Paris
  • PARIX in Paris
  • DE-CIX in Frankfurt
  • ECIX in Düsseldorf
  • INEX in Dublin
  • AMS-IX in Amsterdam
  • NL-IX in Amsterdam
  • NDIX in Amsterdam
  • ESpanix in Madrid
  • Netnod in Stockholm
  • STHIX in Stockholm
  • SwissIX in Zurich
  • SOX in Vienna
  • LONAP in London
  • LINX in London

DARZ is best positioned for high-quality connectivity in the field of hyperscaling, but we also have strong partnerships with leading providers in Germany such as AWS, IBM Bluemix/Softlayer, Microsoft Azure, VMware, ProfitBricks and CloudSigma. You can precisely select providers in terms of their modularity, giving you the best performance at the fairest price. And with DARZ as Hyperscaler Reseller, we stay your only contract and contact for maximum convenience.

Good Connectivity Solutions through Best Networking

DARZ has access to all five major data center locations, and thanks to our dedicated Dark Fiber fiber optic ring, we are also one of the five major data center providers in Frankfurt. In this way, we can connect all relevant hyperscalers and offer the additional services of more than 700 carriers – while staying cost-neutral for you. Our Internet-as-a-Service services are based on the services of Colt, Liberty Global and DE-CIX. For DE-CIX, we are also a reseller and can provide special offers.

Our Connectivity Partners

Find out more about our partners, who are responsible for a great deal of the top connectivity with Internet-as-a-Service.

Dark Fiber: Our Fiber Optic Ring

You can use connections between data centers within Frankfurt and to DARZ within a very short time and completely flexibly with our own fiber optic ring. This allows you to access up to 192x100GB encrypted bandwidth. With this fiber glass ring, we achieve a roundtrip time of just 0.4ms from Darmstadt to Frankfurt, offering you an experience in no way inferior to colocation within Frankfurt.

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